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Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By

I don’t own the Titans, the Bat-crew, or anything of that nature. I have cruddy luck like that.

Author: Dimitri Aidan
Rating: Dunno…PG? Pg-13?
Pairings: Robin/Arsenal, implied Gar/Vic.
Series: Rules to Live By Drabbles
Warnings: Well…there is no way in hell these could ever happen without massive amounts of bloodshed/therapy. They’re just strange and fairly nonsensical drabble. Rejoice in the insanity.
Notes: Just one of the multi-fandom drabbles I’m doing based on random ‘rules’ I live by that amuse me.

Twenty Nine

It’s not that I don’t adore you, but I will never touch you in public because your brothers are scary

Roy stared, wondering if he should be as worried as he was. Then again, considering who he was dealing with, maybe he wasn’t worried enough.

Dick glared at him from behind his mask and Jason just frowned. Tim didn’t look concerned and was watching the other two with something between amusement and indifference. Or at least that’s what Roy thought was going on there; while he was adept at figuring out Nightwing’s expressions, Robin was a good deal harder to read. Jason shifted his weight slightly and Roy swallowed.

He probably wasn’t worried enough. Dick wouldn’t hurt him, much, because Dick loved him in that platonic ‘I would never kill you for making the moves on my kind-of younger brother’ way they had, but Jason…well Jason was psychotic. Roy didn’t think that as an insult, but rather as something that had been confirmed by everyone who crossed paths with Jason (and managed to limp away from the experience.) Jason was dangerous.

“I have a kid, you can’t kill me.”

Tim turned and looked up at him, face blank, before putting a hand over his eyes and letting loose that ‘Jesus, I’m dating a moron’ sigh that he’d perfected and Roy still wasn’t sure how to react to. Dick snorted. Jason just blinked.

Roy was hoping that was a good sign.


Rule Thirty: I don’t care how cute you think he is, don’t make out with your barely legal boyfriend on the couch.

Superboy blinked then looked around the living room as if waiting for someone to tell him what to do next. Unfortunately no one else was present which meant he had to cope with this sudden problem on his own.

Robin, his best friend and leader (Totally not in the weird sci-fi way that sounded, thanks) was rather enthusiastically swapping spit with Arsenal. Arsenal! The only Titan with a worse reputation with Nightwing and it wasn’t like reputations meant anything or that Tim should base who he choose to make out with based on who else they may have slept with in the past but…

Had he mentioned Arsenal? The guy who had a kid of his own with a sociopathic, but extremely hot, assassin chick and was one of the first Titans?

He was kind of old. Not Batman-old or anything, but still.

This was just weird. Really weird. Even weirder than that time he’d seen Vic and Gar…no. No. Not thinking about that.

He was going home. He had a headache and things that could give people like him headaches were just not meant to be dealt with.

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Oh, oh!! This is *good*.
I would love to read the entire Rules list, I have a feeling it's going to come out something like the Skipy List.

And there is nowhere near enough Roy/Tim fic, so double points to you for this ^_^
I'm working on writting up the entire rules list and then deciding which Fandom will get each rule. Some of the rules are not fit for public viewing though. Heh.

Thank you very much. There isn't enough Roy/Tim out there and this error must be fixed! or so I tell myself to justify my insanity
Hooray! I especially love Superboy's opinions in the second one :)
I did like doing that ne from Kon's POV. I could just imagine the panic/confusion on his face so well.
I am officially in love with this one.
'Love'? Cool, love is always encourging.
I love the rules!! Especially the one about underaged boyfriends on the couch!

Are you going to post a list of all of them or are you going to put them up as you finish the drabbles?

Also, talk about a small world/fandom. I happen to be, completely unrelatedly, voraciously reading all of your Static Shock fanfictions at FF.Net in another window. I just popped over here to see what was up in titans_together while the next page was loading and was trying to figure out how I ended up in your livejournal from FF.net. I'm loving your fics BTW. Just finished "Heroes" and have moved on to "To Be A Hero". I'll leave you a better review over there.
The rules are pretty amusing as a rule, and I'm going to try to put up some ahead of time but most will probably just be posted as I go along. I fully admit, it's because I have a bad memory and it's easier to keep track of that way.

Heh, that is a little odd, but I hope you liked them both and aren't now shaking your head and wondering why I'm allowed to roam free.
Tim turned and looked up at him, face blank, before putting a hand over his eyes and letting loose that ‘Jesus, I’m dating a moron’ sigh that he’d perfected

Hee! Poor, Tim. I bet he has to use that sigh a lot. ;D
I'm sure he does. Poor guy.
What a great idea! It is kind of like one of those 100 communities, except your own. And maybe not 100. But, eventually, perhaps, there will be.

I thought for sure you'd go with Dove and Hawk for 29... maybe they'll get a drabble, too. ^^

Uber-cute! ^^
I do have a Hawk and Dove one in the works (As well as one with Ginny), I'm just trying to figure out who is fleeing in terror from Hawk.

It may get to a hundred. I can think of thirty some odd rules off the top of my head, but all fandoms are game (And I have a lot of fandoms) so you never know.


12 years ago


12 years ago

*dies of the giggles*
Oh dear. *pokes* At least it wasn't death by horror I suppose.
*snort* Ah, yes, 'Countless Rules for Dating Robin', Superhero style. *snicker* Roy is so dead -- and Kon is so very right about headaches. Kudos for writing Roy/Tim and Vic/Gar!
Well, Vic/Gar is all but cannon and will not be ignored. Roy is pretty dead right about now but when you start dating Robin crazy family is a given.
These are wonderful, and I can't wait for more. Is there any chance of seeing the stuff written for #5? Also, you have two tiny errors that I could see, first is 'adapt' for 'adept' and my brain tells me you might want to but a comma between expressions and Robin.
Ah. Pesky words not meaning what I want them to mean. *kicks* Thank you kindly, and there is more on the way.


12 years ago

*snerk* Oh man, these are great. I got a minor case of the Edits at "base who he choose to make out with based on" because it looks like you restarted that thought at least three times, but except for that one speedbump I adore the whole style these are written in. You also get a gold star for contributing to the Roy/Tim fic pool.
Hmm...I see what you mean. I'm not running the drabbles past my Beta just yet (otherwise I'd been emailing her every thirty minutes.) so thanks for pointing that out to me.

Yay, gold stars. *grin*